RESOURCE Social Media toolbox: Slideshare’s Newest Feature

One of my favorite Social Media “also-rans”,or other important information you should be aware of,  is Slideshare. It may not get the street credibility that other Social networks have, but it certainly has the ability to connect, grow, and communicate your network. This other Social sphere now has the ability to share the slide of your choose in a presentation rather than from the beginning of the presentation. They also have a new Zipcast feature that allows instant online meetings. A free and fabulous tool. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Customize your embedded presentations
Now you can customize your embedded presentations. From the presentation’s page, click on  <>embed, then select ‘Customize’.  From there you can: 

new SlideShare embed features

Start an embedded presentation on any slide. A long requested feature – you can now start on any slide of your choosing on an embed. For example, suppose you are embedding the slides from your latest talk, and you really want to point out Slide No. 5 to your blog readers. Just select from the dropdown menu to start on Slide 5.

Select the size of your embedded presentation.When embedding your presentation you can now choose from four sizes.

Remove related content. At the end of each presentation, viewers are given the option to view related content. You can now remove the option to display related links by selecting “Without related content”.


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