Three-Day Immersive Social Media Marketing Workshop

Online Social Media, SEO and Internet Marketing Workshop Internet Marking – Social Media Workshop


Orlando, Fl.– May 3, 2011 – Online Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Workshop – Get Known 2011 has created a 3-day interactive social media workshop taking place Jun 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2011 at the Bohemian Hotel, Celebration that will teach you step by step how to create a powerful online presence. It’s time to build a powerful online presence! This 3-day workshop will deliver different ways you can market yourself and your business through social media. You will also learn the most common forms of social media used today. You will not only learn, but it will also help you apply what you have learned. At the end of this fantastic workshop you will learn about social media marketing, you will create a Blog, a Facebook fan page and a twitter account. You will also create a YouTube account and create your very own promotional video. Make the best of what social media has to offer in order to market your business in this educational and interactive workshop.

The Workshop includes:

– Create Facebook fan page

– Create a Twitter account

– Set up a WordPress Blog

– Create a promotional video

– Create a YouTube account

– Connect your social media

– Write an article for Search Engine Optimization

– How to start your marketing campaign with energy

– …and so much more.

This interactive workshop has been designed by Mike Barnes of the SEO-Alien, Dawn Jensen of Virtual Options and Di-Anne Di Re of Media Resources in order to help businesses be known and create a powerful online presence. “We designed this 3-Day workshop so anyone, no matter what your niche is, could reach the masses through social media and maximize your marketing efforts in order to get known.” Get Known 2011 helps small and large businesses get big exposure on the Internet using proven and ethical Search Engine Optimization and Social Media marketing techniques.

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