The Value of a Facebook Fan – What’s Yours?

I am curious what measurements businesses are putting in place to see their ROI. How much is your FB fan worth?

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Study: One Facebook fan equals 20 extra website visits

Social media marketers love Facebook fans. But exactly how valuable is a “like?”

Experian Hitwise has an educated guess, backed by some solid research: “For retailers, each new fan acquired on Facebook is worth 20 additional visits to your website over the course of a year.”

This number is hardly arbitrary. Here’s how they did it:

“The figure of 1 fan = 20 extra visits to a website uses a unique methodology that combines Hitwise data with data from Techlightenment. We took the top 100 retailers ranked in the Hitwise Shopping and Classifieds category and benchmarked visits to those websites against the number of fans those brands had on their Facebook page. We then also looked at the propensity for people to search for those retail brands after a visit to Facebook using our Search Sequence tool.”

However, there’s remains a number of doubters when it comes to the importance of Facebook fans. For instance, check out this post from March: “5 reasons you should NOT measure Facebook fans.”

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