How to Use Social Media To Improve Your Online Reputation

Via Scoop.itVirtual Options: Social Media for Business

With social media increasingly becoming the go-to for brand awareness, it comes as no surprise that online marketers have shifted their focus to include it in their marketing strategies.   A good social network reputation can go a long way and a bad one has the possibility of tainting your brand forever.   Consider these few things …

1. Get a grip on your goals: Ensure clear objectives and strategy are consistent 2. Listen: Feedback is important, take heed as to what people are saying 3. Be newsworthy: Exciting and current content that will urge people to share 4. Talk to those who are influencers: Share their content, engage with meaningful replies and make friends with them 5. Monitor your progress: To ensure that your objectives are being met 6. Improve: Respond quickly to fix complaints and problems  Learn from negative input and resolve issues expediently Written by Andy Jenkins –  Download Infographic – 


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