4 Steps That Take Curation to the Next Level

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This post was written by Jonathan Crowe for business2community. I selected this two part series because they have great information, tools and resources.


Last week’s post laid out a case for content curation – I selected this today because it has great information and resources.


**But no matter how airtight that case may be, the fact is theory is one thing, practice another.


As Sales Benchmark Index CEO Greg Alexander points out, even if companies decide to adopt content marketing strategies, that doesn’t mean they’ll be successful.


It all comes down to the value of the content you’re offering your customers, and to that end my favorite tip Alexander offers to B2B companies is:


“Give away your how-to knowledge.”


Here are some takeaways:


Use Beth Kanter’s   Curation Primer – Beth always gives away information, tools and resources along with very valuable insights


Robin Good has a lot of interesting things to say regarding the importance of your visual delivery of content curation, and what’s in store for the future


Define and conquer


**Define who your audience is, organize it so it’s easy to navigate on your site


Have Your content come to you – Best Online free curation tools


Before You Post, what are you bringing to the table?


**The best content curators provide more than just links and copy-and-pasted they summarize. They add their own take.


**They frame content in such a way that calls out its relevancy to their audience. 


**If they’re smart they cross-reference related content the reader can access, as well.

Get Active


**Once your curated content has gone live, then the real work begins — promoting it and engaging with your audience.


**Reaching out to them via social media and providing them with a comments section (that you actively respond to) is a must.


**After all, curating is all about connecting.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering “Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond”


Read full article here” [http://bit.ly/HG4CWd]

Via www.business2community.com


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