Video Curation: Auto-Create YouTube Video Playlists with Integrated Thumbnails

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Robin Good: YouTube has released new functionality that allows you to create an embeddable video playlist on any topic, or user ID while integrating thumbnails for all clips included.


Here is an example. Go to: and see an automatically created playlist of all my uploaded video clips.


And if you pass also the parameter, “showinfo=1”, when creating the player, the list of video thumbnails will be permanently visible by clicking in the playlist icon appearing on the bottom right of the YouTube player.


If you want to embed such a playlist use this syntax:

**src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>***


and replace “RobinGood” with any YouTube user id.


Alternatively, replace listType=user with listType=search or listType=user_uploads to get specific terms searched and aggregated or to showcase all the uploads of a certain YouTube user.


Here is another example: - here I have changed the listType to “search” and have used as query terms “news curation”. Check the result.


More info:  

See on


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