Social Media Creation, Curation, and Content

There’s been a lot of posts and articles about creating content vs. curating content for your Social posts. Here’s a great video from Percolate we’ve found about curation and more importantly, how we can go about finding information for your clients, audience, prospects, fans, and followers.  Here’s a way to look at it:

From  Chris Deline – “Thoughtful, honest, and caring curation isn’t entirely different than creation. After all, the topics you choose to research, to blog about, and to discuss with friends all begin with the process of sifting through the media abyss yourself and singling out worthwhile information. So, here’s the challenge: Create less disposable “content” and concentrate on supporting work that will mean something to you slightly longer than the time it takes to press “like” or “reblog.” Demand more of your own Tumblr sites, Twitter feeds, personal blogs, and status updates, setting the tone for the web you want to see. Demanding better curation by others means demanding better curation from ourselves.”

In the Infographic, “Types of Content We Crave“, there are great ideas on what we can curate and create ourselves. Then we can process it through a content checklist of sorts, like this one.  We look at the Content Lifecycle for well-written, fluid, and dynamic  information we can share. And, when it comes right down to it, does what we provide speak to our mission, vision, and values. Some things to consider.


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