New Content Curation Tool: Spundge Lets You Discover, Curate And Create Better Content

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From Official Website:

“Spundge is the end-to-end tool for today’s power curator. Connect with the best content creators on the web. Collaboratively curate the web and create relevant, influential content.


– Discover and Filter:

Create a Spundge Notebook to stay on top of a topic, person, company or interest. Spundge Notebooks deliver a stream of relevant content from news sources, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr. Filter and then save the best of what you discover.


– Curate and Collaborate:

Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on Notebooks and discover and save new items. Collaborators receive notifications when new content is saved, and can add comments to Notebook items. Collaborative Curation enables you to track information, while instantly sharing with friends and colleagues.


– Stream and Publish:

Transform your Notebook into a real-time stream you can embed anywhere on the web. Share what you’re reading, or curate a real-time newswire about a breaking event or topic of interest.


– Get Spundge PRO:

it enables teams and individuals to collaboratively create content and instantly publish to a CMS, email newsletter and social accounts. Writing in Spundge lets you drag and drop images, tweets and videos into any story, effortlessly add attribution, and easily embed and track content.”


From review article on Nieman Journalism Lab:

“The problem is today’s journalist has to use too many products and applications to do their job, and very few of these were actually built with newsrooms or journalistic workflow in mind…


Spundge is a platform that’s built to take a journalist from information discovery and tracking all the way to publishing, regardless of whatever internal systems they have to contend with…


The software is free, but an optional $9 monthly fee adds premium features, including the ability to share notebooks with collaborators, who can also add to the notebook and see changes in real time…”


Read more on Nieman Journalism Lab here:


Check out Spundge here:


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