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Social media influence is measured by the quality of your content. But what if you can’t always come up with content?

Creation versus curation

There are clear benefits to both content creation and curation. There’s no correct answer to whether you should focus on one more than the other. It’s important to mix curated content with original content. Don’t rely on the curated content alone. Curated content should only be used in addition to, not instead of, original content. A mix of both helps companies achieve a number of online marketing objectives, including creating awareness, building thought leadership and attracting new business.

Here are some benefits of both content creation and curation to help you decide on a mix that’s right for your business.

Benefits of content curation

Efficient, topically focused collection of information that appeals to customers looking for a single source on a topic.
Grows awareness of your business as an authority on your topic.
Collecting and sharing content from influential members of your community can help get you noticed by them, resulting in mentions, follows or even referrals.
Keeps prospects engaged as part of your lead-generation efforts.
Benefits of content creation

Builds thought leadership through original ideas and insights into your industry.
Communicates your business’s unique voice, opinions and personality in a way that you control.
Allows you to tell compelling stories about your business’s success in serving customers.
Provides material that moves prospects further through the buying cycle.
Provides material for others to share, including customers, prospects, employees, journalists and industry bloggers.

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