Social Media Training


Social Media & Digital Marketing Training

We offer training programs customized for you

Are you a C-Suite, corporate executives or marketing manager? Do you work in digital marketing or support clients in Social Media? Are you struggling with how to incorporate social media into the fabric of your organization

We work with  you to craft your social media strategy, teach  you how to achieve your goals and map out an implementation plan. We train your staff to implement your plan or we can provide that service for you.

Social Media Training for Teams

We can work with your internal marketing staff to standardize the way social media is handled throughout the organization using consistent tools and strategic planning processes.

Social Media Training for Employees

We train employees on individual Social Media tools and networks, as well as adoption of internal social media policies.

Social Media Policy Development, Consensus Development and Action Planning

We help you draft  your corporate social media policy and business culture then facilitate adoption through consensus and action plans.


Companies benefit from onsite training because:

  • Productivity is controlled with adjustable course scheduling.
  • Training costs are reduced because you can train a large group of employees.
  • All employees connect and are on the same wavelength.
  • Course objectives can be customized to fulfill corporate training needs.
  • Wide range of computer training options

Customized One-On-One Solutions – We can springboard from your questions, work through the tips and tricks of a program, or simply start from the beginning. Our on-site trainers can quickly access where you are at and build from there. Whether you’re a beginner, novice, or somewhere in between, we can help!

Corporate Solutions – Get the office up-to-speed. Help your star players excel. We focus on what you need to know right now. Whether upgrading your system or migrating the network, we can be the “go-between” to connect your office with the new program.

Classroom Solutions – We know it can be hard to manage different skills sets. That is our job. And when your business needs everyone on the same page, our classroom solutions provides just that. Our three-hour, fun, interactive training sessions are inclusive with attention on those who need it.

Please contact us for a meeting to see how we can support you on your social media needs.